last update: 2024 June 12, 2024 8:20 AM

SwRI Boulder Office Status is


June 12 8:20 AM: Reports that VPN problem is resolved.
June 11 9:25 PM: DNS for the Boulder-hosted VPN is broken. Suggest using the SA-hosted alternative A high-priority help desk ticket has been submitted to ITC.
June 11 9:23pm: Reports of Boulder Ivanti VPN connections giving "host not found" errors. We see the probable problem and need to work with ITC in the morning to resolve. Please use the San Antonio VPN URL in the meantime.
June 11 noon: June 6 10:47 AM : data.boulder is online again ... probably until the next UPS periodic self-test tomorrow morning. Then it will likely be down through the weekend because of a site closure. There was way too much content for me to get it all pushed elsewhere yesterday.
June 6 9:47 AM : And again.
June 5 8:40 AM : The data store for is lacking power again.
June 5 8:37 AM : Planned outage of itar2, host of projects and administrative network drives, at about 23:00 today. Expected to last of order 10 minutes.
June 4 12:28 PM : June 4 10:49 AM : Planned disruptive maintenance today 2:00 - 4:00 PM MDT will include short hits to many services including itar2, scloud, www, and boulder-hosted email. No impact is expected for SpaceOps.
June 1 10:04 AM : data.boulder's storage NAS is offline. Which is good news: less likely there's any data corruption. Unlikely to be back on-line until Monday.

A link relevant to status of the SwRI/SA headquarters and ITC: